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graphics by zotas ☆彡

kumi + viva

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ブタ + ゾウ
(buta + zou = zota)
nocturnal as anything,
we are an impossible species.
w e l co me *
you have found soryaaa!
this is the joint graphics journal of
kumikuri + freefallskyline,
two eighteen-year-old fangirls residing in british columbia.
(that's canada, and no, we don't live in igloos.) :3
here, we will archive our icons and other graphics.
expect plenty of graphics featuring asian artists. n__n ♥
i co n s ּ b y *
k umiּּ 12.26, JE, arioka daiki, yamashita shoon, bunnies,
tennis, pudding, mangos, cookies, drawing, rilakkuma, sleep.

v ivaּּ 02.23, kpop, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAT!, clouds, skies, chocolate cake, ponytail!, arashi, coke, photography, sleeping.

r u le s ּ cr e d it s *
always credit when using our icons! ♥
please, pleaseeee, never hotlink. ):
do not edit our graphics without permission.
and, textless icons may not be used as bases.
confused? more detail at the rules post.

layout codes refuted
layout editing kumikuri
userinfo coding freefallskyline
a f fi es ּ p l ug s *
akiraku; mioyani; orangemart; kurabu;
chrnocrossing; hanahata; konnichiwaa;
koikon; yasufun; keychained; loveisdelicious;
kiminoflavor; ladyflash; rathermental;
bentosound; superbangbang; tishpaper;

want to be an affiliate? comment here.
our music uploads journal : noisebit
o th e r ּ s t uf f *
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